I turn English Language textbooks into a living thing. Through drama, I create dynamic, real-life situations in which EFL students can practise real conversations.

My language through drama classes help prepare students for the speaking parts of exams and improve learners’ skills in other areas. Drama work requires students to listen, read scripts, and write about their improvisations.

Free to experiment – in a safe and supportive environment - students gain confidence in language production. The development of pronunciation, intonation, and expressive skills is a particular feature of lessons together with vocabulary and grammar practice.

A natural performer and Equity card carrying actor I bring 27 years teaching experience to classes.


Teacher training

I offer training for language through drama work and can team teach drama ideas.

"The students love it and want more."
Teacher, British Council, Madrid


"Vince is a drama magician."
Summer course teacher, British Council


"I’ve never seen intonation taught better."
Line Manager, British Council, Madrid

Lessons: general breakdown

My lesson plans are suitable for Cambridge First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency exams; Trinity exam; and IELTS exam. In addition, I can breathe dramatic life into lesson plans prepared by other teachers.

  • Students enter a room where their learning takes a whole new direction.
  • Students warm up with language based circle activities.
  • Students move on to a small improvisation through which they explore key language, vocabulary and intonation - focusing on how situation and mood affect language delivery.
  • Students are exposed to multi-media or teacher modelled stimuli to decide which theme to build their improvisation on.
  • Students use collaborative skills to build the foundations for their improvisation.
  • Students receive mini-teaching support during the development stage.
  • Students show their work and get error correction.
  • My language through drama work has benefited greatly from the support and weekly in-house training I have received from the British Council.

Benefits to students

  • Motivate students
  • Effective – students enjoy, understand and learn more
  • Practise vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and intonation using natural conversations
  • Promote expressive, interactive, and communication skills
  • Build confidence in spontaneous language production
  • Error correction, especially repeated mistakes
  • Develop listening, reading and writing skills
  • Supportive, friendly, and safe environment

Contact me

For further information about my language through drama lessons, including levels and class sizes:

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