Marvellous stuff. The students love it and want more.”

Jason O'Dwyer, Teacher, British Council

My daughter has attended these classes and really enjoys them. She looks forward to the next occasion.

Parent, Madrid

I have had the privilege to have worked with Vince on these drama sessions over the last six years. It began as a fine idea and is now a complete marvellous product. He brings happiness into the drama studio.

Roger Dowling, Teacher, British Council

I've never seen intonation taught better.

Senior Manager, British Council, Madrid

I've seen Vince teach these [drama activities] on two courses. The first was from his own ideas and plans which had come from his unique creative talents. The second was when he was tasked with bringing to life the lesson plans another teacher had produced. He brought his own energy and style to the job and breathed dynamic dramatic life into every activity.

Stephen Lawrence, Teacher, British Council

"All the drama you do with the students is great. And my daughter has really grown in confidence working with you. You have a great way of working with children."

Sra Pulido Nieto, Mother

Private English classes

Vince is the best teacher that I have ever had. He is extremely well qualified as a teacher, and he is also incredibly humane and kind whilst maintaining his authority. Not only is he solely responsible for preparing me to take the CPE with great confidence and expectation of good results, he also helped me get into Stanford University.

His classes have the perfect balance between the theatrical humour that characterises him and the great professionalism and seriousness of his English lessons.

Hugo Winzer, private student

Teacher training

Had a fantastic time working on these [drama activities]. I enjoyed every minute of it as did the students. He is a drama magician.

Turlough Kelleher, Summer course teacher, British Council


Business English classes

Exactly what you need in business classes. Get up and do what you do in real life.

Luis Rivas Echaniz, Finance Director, Tracker Informática

Photograph: © Beatrice Murch. Audience clapping, Creative Commons license.